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Director Message

We are delighted to welcome you, the new RNMPS parent, into our fold. Your child is now our child too! This makes us partners, sharing the responsibility of facilitating your child's development. We respect the trust you have placed in us and, with your help and support will do our very best to nurture and develop your child's innate potential to its fullest, so that s/he flowers and grows into a fine human being. The almanac, which you should you make a habit to review on a daily basis, is the primary means of communication with respect to curricular matters.

We look forward with great enthusiasm to what we hoe will be a long and enduring relationship between us and want to remind you that you are now as much a part of the RNMPS family as is your child.

Sarita Singh, Director

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Admission Open
Admission Open session 2020-2021 from KGs. to Class IX & XI Contact number- 8808070673

to R.N. Public School.

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    To provide holistic education that would stimulates the mind and body and infuse discipline to build good character amongst students.


    To provide intellectual stimulation and curiosity, rational thinking and maturity of Gurukulam values integrated with progressive modern methods.

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